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"The SpinCycle is an incredible recreation of the legendary Leslie® 122 rotary speaker cabinet. Experimental Noize has dialed in the delicate blend of amplitude modulation, pitch modulation and phase shifting to deliver a very authentic and realistic effect that is sure to please organists, guitarists or anyone that wants to bring the classic rotating speaker sound to their studio productions and live performances. You get the same audio effect without having to deal with lugging a bulky, heavy wooden box in questionable condition and then getting the mics in just the right place. The SpinCycle takes care of all that and gives you necessary controls to shape both the tonality and speed of the rotating components to match your taste in general or a particular track. And as far as the construction, the thing is built for war ... the way any serious stomp box should be!"

ERIK NORLANDER is a progressive rock keyboardist, composer and producer based in Northern California. In addition to his many solo albums, he has worked with vocalist Lana Lane (his wife), Rocket Scientists, ASIA Featuring John Payne, Joe Lynn Turner, Glenn Hughes and several other artists.
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