So, who are we?

Experimental Noize is a band of highly skilled individuals with decades of experience in pro-audio. Our founder and principal designer, Frank Thomson, was fortunate to have worked alongside Keith Barr, the engineering genius who started MXR and Alesis Studio Electronics.

At Alesis, Frank designed many of the proprietary DSP chips used in hit products like the QS Series synthesizers, QuadraVerb 2, MidiVerb 4 and ADAT. And as General Manager of the Semiconductor division, he oversaw the development of the next generation Alesis DSPs powering the Ion/Micron synths, Bitrman and Ineko/Akira multi-effects.

When Keith decided to start his next company, Spin Semiconductor, he called on Frank to translate his analog schematics to the digital design of the FV-1 DSP. Now distributed by Experimental Noize, and in wide use by audio industry giants as well as small Eurorack modular startups, the FV-1 continues Frank and Keith’s spirit of innovation.

Experimental Noize is focused on providing great sounding, forward thinking products for musicians and manufacturers. We are building our business on honesty, cutting-edge technology, and a deep love of music that we all share.

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