Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal

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Experimental Noize | SpinCycle | Rotorary Speaker Emulator Pedal
Experimental Noize | SpinCycle | Rotorary Speaker Emulator Pedal


Everyone loves the swirling, pulsing tone of a rotary speaker cabinet. Unfortunately, the sought-after vintage units are hard to find, prohibitively expensive and incredibly heavy. And most effect pedals only provide bare bones control over your sound.

That’s why we created SpinCycle−the first pedal that simulates every aspect of an actual rotating speaker cabinet. You get control over standard parameters like speed, acceleration, balance and distance−plus innovative features that have never before appeared together on a rotary speaker pedal. Dial in the sound of that rare rotary cabinet you’ve been eyeing on eBay. Or recreate the tonal idiosyncrasies of your own vintage speaker, and leave it safely at home while you go out on tour.

“SpinCycle is an incredible recreation of the legendary Leslie® 122 rotary speaker cabinet. [It’s] a very authentic and realistic effect.”
−Erik Norlander (keyboardist, composer and producer) Read the review


Most rotating speaker cabinets have drum (woofer) and horn (tweeter) speakers that rotate independently. SpinCycle’s Drum:Ratio control−the first of it’s kind−faithfully recreates the motor speed variances between those two speakers. Turn the knob full right and hear drum and horn rotate at the same speed. Or turn full left and hear the drum rotate slower than the horn.

Chances are, your favorite rotating speaker falls somewhere in the middle. SpinCycle lets you dial-in various ratios so you can create your own unique sound.


With Tube Emulation and Cabinet Emulation modeling, SpinCycle provides the sonic warmth and realism of an actual vintage speaker. Whether you’re a guitarist, keyboardist or recording engineer, SpinCycle will emulate the sound of your favorite vintage speaker with unparalleled realism.


SpinCycle’s lightning−fast, hand−coded DSP effect engine provides enough sonic flexibility for you to modify all the onboard parameters in real time. And instead of the "on/off" controls that other pedals have, we’ve included knobs so you can tweak to your heart’s content.


  • Innovative Drum:Rotor Ratio control recreates the motor variances that make each vintage rotary speaker unique
  • Cabinet Emulation and Tube Emulation add classic warmth and realism
  • Distance control simulates different mic placements
  • Balance control mixes between rotor and drum sounds
  • Individual controls for slow and fast speed settings
  • Adjustable acceleration and braking rates
  • TRS footswitch input allows placement of the pedal within arm’s reach
  • Gain switch provides a 12dB boost for instrument-level inputs
  • Buffered bypass with flat response
  • Mono audio input
  • Left and right stereo main outputs
  • Includes 9V DC power supply


  • 8 dedicated sound shaping knobs
  • Stage select: 2, 4, 8 ro 12
  • Slow Speed
  • Fast Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Drum:Rotor Ration
  • Tube Emulation
  • Cab Emulation
  • (Mic) Distance
  • Rotor/Drum Balance
  • 3 Simultaneous performance switches
    • Enable (Bypass)
    • Brake
    • Speed


  • 9V DC power supply input
  • TRS Footswitch input (Enable and Speed) allows placement of the pedal within arm's reach
  • Mono audio input
  • Left and Right stereo main outputs


  • 7 7/8 (180mm) wide x 5 5/8 (142mm) deep x 1 11/16 (43mm) tall not including knobs
Experimental Noize | SpinCycle | Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal | Rear panel

Want more info? Download the manual.

Write down your favorite settings on the Aphazing settings sheet: Download the PDF

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